The 10 Most Expensive Armoured Vehicles In The World

The 10 Most Expensive Armoured Vehicles In The World

The 10 Most Expensive Armoured Vehicles In The World

If you’ve made millions upon millions of dollars, rose to the top of the corporate or political food chain, and have done everything in your power to stay there, do you think you might have made a few enemies along the way? There’s a world of danger out there, where criminals, kidnappers, and would-be assassins meticulously choose their next super rich target. If you’re a highly influential megalomaniac, the streets can turn into inescapable battle grounds.
But there’s a solution for the right price. There’s nothing more secure on the roads and highways than an armored sedan, limousine, or SUV. They’re outfitted with extra-thick steel, bullet-proof glass, and polycarbonate linings that make a seemingly normal Mercedes Benz or Cadillac virtually impenetrable. It would take almost an army of people and firepower to stop these vehicles in their tracks, especially when many of them have their own impressive stockpile of machine guns and military-grade ammunition ready at all times.
Perhaps the best features of armored vehicles beyond the security is their level of luxury. Many are based on existing models of high-class cars. They don’t sacrifice style for protection, and act as a good disguise while traveling from Point A to Point B. After all, driving down a busy street in downtown New York, Saudi Arabia, or Tokyo in a camouflage military Humvee might draw the kind of attention most drivers would rather avoid. Of course, for the more serious excursion, there are plenty of military-grade vehicles for environments where safety and not appearance is the biggest concern.
If you make enough money to afford one of these ten incredible and expensive armored vehicles, you probably need one for protection. They provide a peace of mind that nothing less than a million American dollars can buy.

10. Lexus LS 460 L – $300K

The Lexus LS 460 L seamlessly combines design and security with dozens of armored and non-armored features. The 460 L is designed and made by INKAS, an armored car manufacturer that has a variety of secure vehicles available on the market.
The LS 460 is heavy, but fast. The engine can churn out 389 horsepower with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The passenger cabin can also withstand bullets and grenade blasts, while resembling the original Lexus finish as much as possible. Nobody will know this car has high-grade armor when they see it driving down the street.

9. BMW 750 Li Sedan – $340K

International Armoring Corporation transforms the everyday BMW into a tank on wheels. The 750Li Sedan comes with a V8, 400 horsepower engine to add speed and power to carry hundreds of pounds of ballistic steel.
Many armored sedans only protect the back seat or main passenger compartment to cut down on costs. However, the 750Li protects the entire vehicle compartment, and ensure the front seat passenger and driver are safe. Even the tailpipe is armored on the 750Li, in addition to the battery, radiator, front fenders, and fuel tank. The suspension is reinforced for all-wheel, all-terrain driving.

8. Cadillac Escalade ESV – $350K

The only thing better than a fully-loaded Cadillac Escalade is an armored Escalade ESV. Becker Automotive Design spared no expense to make the interior the height of luxury, and features leather upholstery, wood trim, state-of-the-art office equipment, and large flat screens.
The ESV is designed from the ground up using an extra strength chassis. Becker then adds ballistic protection around the exterior with steel and 40mm glass that can withstand bullet fire. The ESV’s platform is stretched an additional 20 inches for maximum interior space. Lastly, there are many other ballistic components throughout the bodywork for maximum protection.

7. Mercedes-Benz S-Guard – $400K

The Mercedes Benz class of armored cars are some of the most popular on the market. They retain their stylish appeal while implementing multiple armored and reinforced features throughout the exterior. They look immaculate and won’t be easily destroyed if the owner is ever under attack.
Whatever reason might be for a person to own one of these armored cars, they’ll be happy to know that the S-Guard model will stop continuous fire from M60 machine guns. In case of a gas attack, the S-Guard has its own oxygen system that will seal the exterior vents and provide fresh air throughout the interior. The double-pane glass windows will also protect from a gas attack. According to reports, they need built-in hydraulic lifts to open and close because of their extreme weight.

6. Knight XV – $629K

The Knight XV is the flagship vehicle from Conquest Vehicles, one of the world’s leading armored vehicle manufactures. According to Conquest, the XV SUV is a one-of-a-kind. It’s so rare that production has been limited to only 100 vehicles, which include V10 engines, military-grade designs, and high-strength armour built in from scratch.
The XV also carries both transparent and opaque armor, from windshields to ballistic aluminum and metal composites. More than it’s armor features, it’s basically a luxury hotel room on wheels. The interior comes with a satellite TV, bar, cooler, heated seats, a black box, and an entertainment media centre.

5. Huron APC – $630K

Why not go all out if you’re going to get an armored vehicle? Instead of concealing the armored features to resemble a luxury car, why not flaunt it to those who intend to cause harm, and show them what they’re up against? The Huron APC attack and defense vehicle will do just that.
This vehicle is massive and can stand heavy ammunition fire, including M80 Ball ammunition and 7.62 x 51 SC ammunition. The floor can withstand grenade and German ordnance explosions, while a security team member can operate the machine gun turret located on the roof. This armored vehicle is designed more for military defense rather than private use. Still, for the price of a house, it can fit an entire security team inside.

4. Audi A8 Security – $700K

The Audi A8 Security is fully armored, but it’d be hard for anyone to notice. It’s designed to resemble a normal luxury Audi. However, it’s certified by the German Ballistics Testing Center that proves its special aluminum alloys (in addition to steel and ceramics) are completely bullet-proof to VR 7 ballistic standards.
According to Audi, the manufacturing process is done by hand by specialized workers in a highly secure area. The workers put in more than 400 hours to complete its components. The body can withstand almost anything fired at it. So can the windows, which are made of splinter-inhibiting polycarbonate layers to handle an explosive force. The A8 can also be customized to the buyer’s needs, and includes LED signals, a smoke detector, digital radio networks, and a siren.

3. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG – $1M

Image courtesy of INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing
The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is reportedly one of the best-equipped armored limousines available. Manufactured by INKAS, the G63 AMG comes with multiple upgrades to both the exterior and interior, taking security and luxury to a new level.
All-black matte leather interior, customized lights, bulletproof glass, surveillance cameras and more are all included. The owner of this million-dollar vehicle can rest easy knowing they are fully secure. The G63 AMG includes ballistic overlaps, a rear bulkhead, bullet catchers, fuel tank protection, and a variety of additional features. The passenger perimeter is completely protected. So is the armored floor, which is designed to withstand explosions and shrapnel.

2. Cadillac One “The Beast” – $1.5M

Any mention of armoured vehicles must include the most iconic armored cars in the world. The Cadillac One is lovingly nicknamed “The Beast”, the only car used to transport the President of The United States. Costing about $1.5 million, The Beast comes with an armor-plated fuel tank encased in fire retardant foam, a fire suppression system, segregated oxygen supply, and extra weapons in the trunk.
The armor is forged from steel, aluminum, titanium, and ceramics, so heavy that a normal person can barely open the doors from the outside. Of course, The Beast carries its own encrypted communication system in case The President is ever trapped and needs to call help from the outside world.

1. Kombat T98 – $1.5M

Dartz, a Russian manufacturer, has unleashed the $1.5 million Kombat T98, tied with The Beast as the most expensive armored vehicle on this list. However, many people might know it now as the Prombron. This armored SUV is so luxurious that the whole interior is upholstered with 100% whale penis leather.
According to its website, the T98 is popular among Russian political figures and European Princes. But there’s nothing stopping the super rich from making it a staple in their personal convoy despite their affiliations. In addition to whale penis leather, the T98 features diamond-encrusted white gold gauges and gold-plated window trimming.
It comes straight from the assembly line complete with bullet-proof and explosion-resistant armor that protects the 8.1 litre V8 engine and, of course, the precious passengers inside.
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