10 of the Most Insane Things Celebs Have Purchased

10 of the Most Insane Things Celebs Have Purchased

10 of the Most Insane Things Celebs Have Purchased
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Boys and their toys, girls and their pearls, and celebrities and their…absolutely crazy spending! What is it about having loads of money that makes people so insane? From pimping their rides, to decking out their most mundane possessions in the finest gold leaf, the rich and famous certainly never cease to amaze us. Heck, if we had millions of dollars to throw around, who says that we wouldn’t make some frivolous purchases? Still, this list of 10 of the most insane things celebs have purchased will make you shake your head in disbelief.
Have you ever wanted to have ownership of a town? Maybe you have a favorite piece of clothing; would you splurge on high-class airfare so it could be transported safely? Are you superstitious? Probably not as much as Lady G. From the everyday to the extravagant, celebrities will spend big bucks for just about anything. Money talks, and it also buys some pretty interesting things! Enjoy this list, and remember that it is only a small sampling of the things that celebs will splash out on. If you thought that you had a taste for the finer things in life, you will be thinking twice after reading this list!

10. Bono: A $1,700 Plane Ticket – For A Hat

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When Bono forgot to pack his hat after heading back home from a vacation, he took extreme measures to get it back. To ensure that his beloved topper came home safe and sound, Bono had it flown to his home in a plane. What was so special about this particular hat? We are not sure, but the event is a bit of a let-down coming from the singer who is always touting good will and giving to the poor. Rather than spending $1,700 on a hat’s first-class flight, we would like to seem him feed some children in Africa or something.

9. Lady Gaga: A $50,000 Ghost Monitor

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Of course this one would go to Lady Gaga. The pop star is fully convinced that she is being haunted by a ghost named Ryan. To combat the issue, she dropped $50,000 on a Magnetic Field Reader, which is supposed to detect the presence of spirits and ghosts. Lady G is extremely superstitious, and even hires ghost hunters to check out the rooms she sleeps in. Most of us are probably thinking that a ghost would not come anywhere near Lady Gaga, what with all the bling and outfits that are so pointy they could poke an eye out. Then again, it probably would not matter for a ghost, would it?

8. Nicolas Cage: $1,000,000 Comic Book Collection

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Some of us love nothing more than geeking out with our superheroes and comic books. Now we have even more reason to let our true nerdiness show. Nicolas Cage has a Superman comic book collection that values $1 million. When the actor sold his collection at an auction, it scored $2.1 million! The collection included the Number 1 issue of Action Comics, in which Superman is introduced to readers. The collection was actually stolen a few years back, but was recovered before being sold at auction. Looks like Cage made out pretty well, selling the comic book collection for twice the price he paid for it!

7. Beyonce: $1,000,000 Van

Via bossip.com
Via bossip.com
The world went abuzz when Beyonce became pregnant, and she made even more waves with her extravagant purchases as she prepared for baby Blue Ivy. Among those sales was a big, looming van. The new family vehicle made it look as though Bey was preparing for octuplets, not just one baby girl. The singer traded in her elegant, sleek Maybach for the bulky black van. With all due respect, it is a Mercedes van, and is pimped out with a sound system, which cost $150,000, as well as DirectTV, WiFi, and a bathroom! Most of us could probably live out of that van, and have no problem with it.

6. Celine Dion: $2,000,000 Humidifier

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How does Celine Dion keep her skin looking so fresh and renewed? Maybe it is the $2,000,000 humidifier she uses. That is not a typo: $2,000,000 humidifier. The machine was bought by Dion in Las Vegas, because that arid desert air is just no good for the aging singer. Dion is not one to make do with just the average. She has spent exorbitant amounts of money in the past on other health and beauty treatments and products. I mean, Celine looks great, but we doubt that a $2,000,000 humidifier is the only reason why. This is a prime example of non-sensical celebrity purchases.

5. Mike Tyson: $2,000,000 Bathtub

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There is nothing like a nice soak in a bathtub after a long day of work. If you are Mike Tyson, you can submerge yourself underneath the bubbles while lounging in a bathtub that cost $2,000,000. Surely, he must not be using just any old regular water in that bathtub. The purchase was made back in 2004, at the same time as Tyson’s visit to bankruptcy court. Hmm…are we seeing any parallels here? It is said that in just a few years, Tyson splurged and spent about $400 million! Where is all of this money going? Moreover, this is coming from a man who said he wasn’t “in the business for the money.” Right.

4. Kim Basinger: $20,000,000 Town

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What could $20 million do for us? Maybe pay for education, a new house, a new car. If we were feeling really extravagant, we would take a trip around the world and learn about some new cultures. If you areKim Basinger, you spend $20 million on buying a town in your home state. Yes, the entire town. She paid $20 million in cash to buy Braselton, Georgia. The town has a population of 500, and Basinger bought the commercial properties and some of the private houses. The total area covers about 1,600 acres and the purchase was negotiated for about a year and a half. While she did not purchase any government buildings, we can’t help but wonder, what was she thinking?!

3. Beyonce: $100,000 Leggings

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Back to Beyonce, who is no stranger to spending ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculous things. In yet another example of frivolous celebrity shopping, Queen B purchased some leggings to make her bootylicious bod look even better. The price tag? $100,000. No big deal, if you are Beyonce. We cannot even imagine how much actual pants would cost, if leggings run her this much money! The article of clothing was decked out in gold and shimmered while Beyonce shimmed and shook onstage during a performance. Come on, Bey. We know that your body is awesome and smoking hot, but do you really need $100,000 tights?

2. Rachel Hunter: $15,000 Doghouse

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We certainly love our pets. We are living in a society where it is becoming the new normal to put your pets in a hotel, buy them diamond-encrusted clothing, and build rooms in our houses for them. If you are Rachel Hunter, you spend $15,000 on a doghouse for your German Shepherd. Sure, this is a big breed of dog, but do we really need to splash out on a huge house for it? Come on, a person could live in this doghouse! It was purchased from Le Petit Maison, a company that sells luxury doghouses, playhouses, and other home furnishings. Custom-built structures with indoor and outdoor lighting, these doghouses are superb, yet superfluous.

1. Donald Trump: $100,000,000 for Gold, Gold, Gold On Private Jet

Naturally, Number One on our list goes to Donald Trump. It should come as no surprise that this super-rich celebrity forked over $100 million for a private jet that had gold everything. Sorry, but a number with that many zeroes is not even fathomable to us. $100,000,000?! Trump purchased the jet from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and then had it decked out in true Trump fashion. Gold adorns just about every surface, and state-of-the-art technological equipment was put into the jet. The Trump family emblem is also plastered onto the jet, just in case we would not recognize the ridiculous extravagance.
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