The World’s 10 Hottest Royals In 2014

The World’s 10 Hottest Royals In 2014

The World’s 10 Hottest Royals In 2014
They are charter members of what the late Joan Rivers once called “The Lucky Sp*rm Club”. These are children born into wealth, privilege and prestige with bloodlines oozing physical beauty and glamor.
Sometimes the financial and genetic combinations produce exceptional human beings who use their privileged positions and high public profiles to improve the human condition. Philanthropists, humanitarians and benevolent world leaders all number among some of the world’s sexiest royals.
Of course, by contrast, sometimes royal families produce spoiled aristocrats playing out their narcissistic misdeeds and conspicuous consumption in the tabloids. AS Rodney Dangerfield once observed about couples: “I was an Earth sign. My wife was a Water sign. Together we made mud.” Here’s a list that includes some gems and yes some mud as well. Yet they are all intriguing, and all incredibly beautiful, stylish and envy-inspiring.

10. His Royal Highness Prince Haji Abdul Azim of Brunei

Prince Azim
The second son of current ruler of Brunei, Prince Azim is third in line to the thrown. He’s been a paparazzi’s dream with his glam girlfriends and his habit of renting big name stars to perform for him personally. There are plenty of shots with the Prince and Mariah Carey to be seen online. Other entertainers rumoured to have dropped by include Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Scarlett Johansson.
Before anyone accepts Azim’s invite or proposal, they’d do well to remember that while it is one of the richest countries in the world, adultery is still punishable by death by stoning in Brunei.

9. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark

She looks like a Baltic Babe but the daughter of the former King Constantine II of Greece and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark was born in London’s Paddington Hospital 1983. She grew up there in the rarified air of royalty. Queen Elizabeth II is her Godmother. Princes William and Harry were her playmates and she was once touted a candidate for William’s hand in marriage.
But she caught the acting bug at an early age and has achieved her longtime ambition of doing it for a living. She now calls herself Theodora Greece and got her first big role on the hugely popular soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. A feature film is said to be in development, a remake of the hit TV series The Big Valley with Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss. She is last listed as single and living in LA. But look at her picture again – seriously, how long can that last?

 8. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand

A fascinating woman from a fascinating family. Born in 1987, she is the Royal Granddaughter of the current King of Thailand, himself a virtuoso saxophone player who has performed with jazz legends Stan Getz and Benny Goodman. Like Grandad, she won a gold medal at the South East Asian Games (his in sailing in 1967, hers in badminton 2005). Unlike Grandad, she has had her own fashion show in Paris.
FYI, disrespecting the Royal Family in Thailand will get you jail time. Any Royal picture must be the highest hanging one in any room.
Artistic, stunningly beautiful and an elite athlete, guys would salute any picture of her, wherever it’s hanging. Did we mention, that according to Forbes and Business Spectator, her royal Grandfather is worth an estimated US$30 billion?

7. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, Duke of Värmlan

Prince Carl Philip is third in line for the throne. He attended the Swedish National Defense College and earned a degree in Agricultural and Rural Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, an oddly mundane background for this Scandinavian bad boy.
His notoriety began in what’s called his “Wild Summer” of 2012 in which he managed to get smacked in public in Cannes, show up at party wearing an alien mask for reasons still not known, and crash one of his beloved cars shortly after the opening flag. Not just his conduct but his choice of wife was also seen by his royal parents as less than acceptable.
Sofia Hellqvist is hot as a sauna but the Queen especially thought a former model known for topless poses and a high profile run on a scandalous sex and booze reality show was somehow beneath her bratty son. She has apparently relented.

 6. Prince Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco

No less than Cosmopolitan Magazine rated him Top Ten Royal Hunk material. “The guy is gorgeous and smart—he speaks French, English, German, and Italian.” Quel surprise! The grandson of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco (nee Grace Kelly) is good looking. His son Sasha isn’t even two and he’s already beautiful. Even Caroline, closing in on 60, is still stunning.
Andrea cleans up extremely well, though in unkempt moment bears a hilarious resemblance to Spike, Hugh Grant’s goofy Welsh roommate in Notting Hill.
He is currently second in line to the throne and, unfortunately for Cosmo girls, is now married to the granddaughter of the second richest guy in Colombia.
He studied at McGill University in Canada, and has Master’s Degree in International Affairs. The Prince is a fan of football, horse riding and watersports.

5. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum of the UAE

The Crown Prince of Dubai made the news recently, posting a video of his wing walking  escapade on Instagram, where he has 1.5 million followers. A Scorpio of 1982 vintage, he has the handsome, dashing looks of one of the warriors in Lawrence of Arabia.
An intellectual, he studied at the legendary Sandhurst Military Academy and the London School of Economics. He is a well-known poet published under the pen name Fazza
Biplane wings are not the only limb he walks out on. In the heart of the oil world, he advocates the development of alternative energy. A cloud persists over the Dubai Royal Family. Among the many controversial, damaging documents released by WikiLeaks were US diplomatic cables alleging the heir to Dubai’s throne was a serious drug addict, as well as a bisexual party boy, an aspect that is a death sentence in that part of the world.
The allegations have been picked up by several blogs. But the documents themselves were inexplicably taken down.Perhaps an extreme case of Royal Prerogative.

4Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi

Not a fair fight. Another of Princess Grace’s grandkids, perhaps the most beautiful princess alive, she is the second child of Princess Caroline and fourth in line to the throne of Monaco.
An accomplished equestrian, Charlotte recently became the face of Gucci’s newly launched line of makeup and celebrated by competing at the Gucci fancy dress charity horse-riding event in Paris. She sported a Yankees cap, pre-ripped jeans, huge headphones, a glitter hoodie and cropped t-shirt that prompted the Daily Mail to comment : “Charlotte’s washboard stomach made it almost impossible to tell that the royal had given birth only 12 months ago.”
A dedicated jetsetter, she had this insight in an ‘exclusive’ with on the Job of beauty, “Personally, fresh air and exercise help me stay healthy and make me feel great!” Having the most beautiful woman ever born, Grace Kelly, as your grandmother probably doesn’t hurt either.

3. Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales

Prince Harry is third in line for the throne of England. An Apache attack helicopter commander, he has served with British forces in Afghanistan. He is a documentary filmmaker, as well as an active patron of many causes, chiefly the Invictus Games, a Paralympic event which he launched.
He’s also been every parents’ nightmare of the spoiled-rich-white-kid variety. He discovered the Royals Exemption for the rule about What Happens in Vegas, photographed naked apparently losing badly at a game of strip billiards. He wore a Nazi armband to a party in a country that suffered millions of casualties at the hand of the Germans in two World Wars. Even British tabloids have stopped calculating Harry’s romantic conquests. But he seems to have matured and stayed out of trouble as he heads towards 30.
Still, pictures of him suggest a real heartbreaker, with the totally mischievous look on his face of someone who is dedicated, above all, to living life large.

2. HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein

Not only royal eye candy, but an accomplished athlete and humanitarian activist with a CV that’s hard on your self-esteem. First female athlete to represent Jordan in international sport at age 13; Oxford grad with honors; competitor in Sydney Olympic Games; appointed United Nations Ambassador of Peace; founder of the first food aid Non-Governmental Organization in the Arab World. And the only Jordanian woman who holds a license to drive heavy trucks. No small empowering symbol in a region where women can be banned just from driving anything.
A little paradoxically, despite her impeccable feminist credentials, she is the ‘Junior Wife’ to her husband Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In Muslim tradition, he is allowed up to four wives if he can afford them. As the constitutional monarch of Dubai, he can apparently afford two. Though a lot of men would be more than happy to have just the Princess.

 1. Queen Rania of Jordan

Back-to-back Jordanians. Kuwaiti-born Rania is the epitome of mature beauty in her mid-forties. She is also one of the most courageous female voices in the Arab world, a tireless advocate for education, health and women’s rights. She is everywhere on social media, even with her own YouTube channel. Michelle Obama is friend and fan.
At the recent Abu Dhabi Media Summit, she castigated the ISIS terrorist group as ‘alien and abhorrent to vast majority of Arabs’ that should make ‘every Arab seethe’. She forcefully charged that the failure of moderate Arabs to condemn ISIS executions makes them morally complicit. Intellect, integrity, eloquence, courage, moral outrage and conviction – and a major babe. It doesn’t get any hotter.
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