10 Of The Most Awkward Facebook Breakups

10 Of The Most Awkward Facebook Breakups

Sometimes it’s best to keep your personal relationships to yourself. Most of the time, it is extremely awkward to have them publicized all over the internet, especially if there is a breakup occurring. From time to time, it just isn’t possible to keep those breakups off of the world wide web, and everyone that is looking at your Facebook page can see exactly what is going on in your life.
These are some of those times that should have been kept private, but have been widely publicized and have been collected and added to this group of breakups via Facebook. It is always a good idea to break up in person, rather than on social media, but sometimes it just happens. Apologies for the language that is used in the updates and comments from Facebook. They were not edited, and foul language is used in many of the pictures.

10) Dumped By Status Update

Imagine logging into your Facebook account and landing on your girlfriend’s page, just to see that she is no longer your girlfriend. This is what happened to Eric when he logged in to see his (now ex) girlfriend’s relationship status go from “in a relationship” to “single”. Jesse was upset with Eric about being untruthful with her, but was a little bit uneasy about telling him in person. She didn’t know how upset he would be and did not want to see him break down in front of her, so this was the easiest way that she knew how to dump him without having to do it in person. She simply changed her status to single and decided that he would figure it out. Since they did not live together and it appeared that they weren’t that serious, this seemed like the easiest and simplest way to do it. She was right, too, Eric figured it out.

9) The Burger Is King

Okay, so this one is a little bit hard to read, but most people will get the gist of what the issue really is. Dan thought that a simple Facebook post of what he was having for dinner would be fine, and nobody would see it as anything but. Apparently that wasn’t the case at all, and Queen Monique saw right through his post. Dan wrote about a “triple stacker bacon burger” that he was having, and Queen Monique took that as something entirely different. She thought that was slang for another woman, so she changed the locks after reading about Dan’s intentions.

8) Bianca Did Not Feel A Thing

Facebook really isn’t the place to start an argument; especially if you are “lacking” (for lack of a better term) in the sexual gratification department. Bianca simply changed her relationship status from “being in a relationship” to “single,” and Hayden was upset deeply, blaming her for concentrating on her studies instead of the connection that they were previously engaged in. Hayden got a little bit more than he bargained for after bringing up that fact publicly and Bianca decided to be completely honest with him (and the rest of the world), by letting everyone know that perhaps size really does matter.

7) Luke Needs To Learn The Appropriate Time And Place To Tell A Joke

Sometimes Facebook isn’t the best place to tell jokes in a comment; especially if you are in a committed relationship with someone who doesn’t believe that women should be treated as slaves. This may not be the case, but these types of jokes that are outdated and treat women like they need to be doing the cleaning, cooking and things such as ironing, need to be erased from memory of most men. Especially ones that want to stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t think they are funny at all. If they think it’s funny, they should at least think twice before re-telling it on a platform such as Facebook; that their girlfriend might be reading.

6) Don’t Propose Via Text Message

If you are going to propose marriage, it is always best to do it in person. And if you think you are being proposed to, make sure to find out for sure if the marriage proposal is for real before announcing it on Facebook. Also, make sure that you speak to the person who is popping the question, as well. Apparently Justin was not really ready to get hitched to Carolyn when she thought he wanted to become engaged to her via text message. Who does that? Worse yet, who accepts a marriage proposal via text message by Facebook, without even confronting their “fiance” first? Apparently, Carolyn does. It seems that she needs to work on herself before being committed into a long-term relationship, if she is so quick to accept a marriage proposal that may or may not even exist.

5) Maybe You’re The Jerk

If you are having an issue with your boyfriend, it probably isn’t a good idea to rush into his workplace and yell at him in front of all his co-workers. It’s even worse to go posting it on Facebook, where you end up looking like a complete idiot. Sometimes people need to think twice before “flying off the handle,” especially if you could be in the wrong the entire time. This is most likely the case with Michael and his ex-girlfriend, who is not named in the post. Not only did her outrage make her appear to be a total moron, but she may be going to jail, as well.

4) When In Doubt, Just Don’t

shutterstock_122849215 (1)
Sometimes men (and on occasion, women, too) have a total lax in judgement and have an affair. There are some men who can go years and years without the girlfriend or wife finding out about their extramarital issues. Then there are some who just don’t know how to keep the truth from getting out. Somehow the woman this man was having an affair with decided that leaving her lingerie in his bed was a good idea, and he didn’t even bother to hide it or throw it away before his girlfriend found out. On the top of the untrustworthy list, this one definitely takes the cake!

3) No, Women Don’t Belong In The Kitchen, So Don’t Go There

This is another one that proves some men shouldn’t have a Facebook. Most women don’t think that being stuck in the kitchen all day is what they really want to do, and there are some people who just don’t get that. This is one of those men who doesn’t realize that it is completely stupid to post things like this on his Facebook account, particularly when his girlfriend will see what his real thoughts are regarding the matter. Apparently, Anna Maria doesn’t think it’s too funny, since she paid him back (which, really isn’t that smart, either).

2) Don’t End It Through Facebook

Just because you want to break up with someone, doesn’t mean that you should do it through social media. If you are cheating on your significant other, you more than likely are going to get caught. Don’t try to blame it on the other person, no matter how much you want to. Sometimes it is a good idea just to end it before doing anything with someone else. It will hurt much less than to cheat on them and have it publicized all over Facebook. Or, you could do just that and have it copy and pasted into an article for everyone to read. It is much more entertaining that way.

1) Women Can Be Really Stupid, Too

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It appears that this cellphone may have been cracked due to being thrown. The man who had written it most likely was the one who threw it, since his wife was cheating on him, using his phone, Facebook, his money, and a fake account that she created. It is rather difficult to read through the chasms, so here is what he had written, using her Facebook account:
“Since this was hidden on Facebook il [sic] reveal it on Facebook. Sarah has had a boyfriend for over a year. Our anniversary [sic] was in November and we went alone to the Hilton in Amsterdam, at the same time she has been f***ing Robert McNeil on nights out on money borrowed off me! She made up this second Facebook account to pretend to the guys at the red cross that she was single and to hide her slut behavior from me. All this time I’ve been repeatedly told Robert is a weird short spotty stalker who she begged to go away, but in deleted private mails, in a deleted Facebook plenty of opposite and disgusting details are discussed. So after a quick nap I’m going to wake her up and chuck her in a taxi out my life forever!”
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