Top 10 Celebrities With Timeless and Iconic Styles

Top 10 Celebrities With Timeless and Iconic Styles

Top 10 Celebrities With Timeless and Iconic Styles

Fashion can be described as a lot of things and celebrities are known for setting numerous fashion trends. There is a difference between celebrities who follow trends and those who set them. Being a trendsetter often means being a muse to designers, having pieces named after you or being known for a specific look or piece. Whether it’s the creator of the little black dress or the namesake of the Birkin Bag, celebrities have been highly influential to the world of fashion.
The following ten celebrities not only have iconic styles but they make fashion choices that will always be “in”. Taking risks and showing your personality is what fashion is about. The next fashionistas have all taken extravagant risks and have successfully done so. Although the following stars have different styles, every woman can relate to one of them. Fashion icons are not necessarily people in the fashion industry; they are first ladies, actresses and even Princesses.
Picking 10 iconic styles is a very difficult task to do. There are many celebrities who dress impeccably however; the following ten stars not only have iconic styles themselves but also influenced designers and fashion lovers around the globe. These styles can be easily reproduced with the right eye. It does not take millions to look like millions, so for those women seeking to reinvent their styles this article is perfect for you. Being inspired by the following ten women, while adding your personal touches to your outfit will take your style from forgettable to unforgettable.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker

shutterstock_Sarah Jessica Parker (2)
The actress who is almost better known as Carrie Bradshaw, captured the hearts of fashion-loving women around the world with her iconic style both on and off the set of Sex and the City. With her petite physique and incredible legs, SJP has taken fashion risks and created iconic styles. What is amazing about Sarah Jessica Parker is that her style is both versatile and unique, she is like a chameleon. She is able to find the fine line between avant-garde and ridiculous fashion trends and pulls them off flawlessly. Whether she is strutting the red carpet or taking her kids for a walk, SJP’s style is always fresh, interesting and educational for other fashionistas.

9. Kate Middleton

shutterstock_Kate Middleton
One of the world’s latest fashion icons is also one of the newest members of the Royal Family. Kate Middleton captured Prince William’s heart along with the hearts of people around the world. With the press watching her every move, it came as a surprise when the Princess was seen shopping at inexpensive bargain stores. During her daily errands, this style icon loves wearing easy wrap dresses, especially in DVF, Issa and Joseph Reis. This new mom was always stylish when pregnant and has been a poised and composed mother ever since. Her stunning style captivated the world at her much-anticipated Royal Wedding to her literal Prince Charming, and after that the world of fashion took Middleton much more seriously.

8. Madonna

There is one word and one word only to describe Madonna’s style: fearless. Although her style has matured with her throughout the years, Madonna’s style is both iconic and timeless. Fingerless gloves, stacks of arm candy and chunky crosses are all part of this singer’s iconic look. Her style also consists of cleavage-baring silhouettes, well-tailored suiting and underwear as outerwear. Her style clearly influenced her daughter Lourdes, who is on her way to becoming a legendary trendsetter in her own right. Madonna’s fearless fashion mirrors her fearless personality. She dresses like an independent woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone, and we love her for that!

7. Victoria Beckham

shutterstock_Victoria Beckham
The former Spice Girls singer is not known for her voice, but for her impeccable style. Married to retired soccer star and heartthrob David Beckham, Victoria has taken numerous fashion risks. She has played with many hairstyles, inspiring women around the world to take risks when it comes to fashion. Victoria, otherwise known as Posh Spice, truly lives up to her nickname. Her class, composure and impeccable outfits are truly inspiring. Her children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper are also future fashion icons. The three sons and only daughter are always dressed to perfection. This stunning family is always photo ready and their trendsetter mom has something to do with it!

6. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is known for her talent, beauty and timeless style. Hepburn had such a simple elegance and femininity about her it comes as no surprise that she made this list. When people think of Audrey Hepburn they think of her perfect little black dress. The original creator of the LBD, Hepburn showed women everywhere that all you need is a simple black dress and some killer accessories to look great. Her outfits were more than the LBD, she was able to pull off the boyish femininity that is still so in style; collared shirts, pixie hair cuts and gloves just to name a few! Hepburn’s is not only a timeless beauty but she is also one of the most iconic fashionistas of all time.

5. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is Hollywood royalty who actually turned into real royalty, so it comes at no surprise that she was always on point when it came to style. The star of classic films such as Country Girl and Rear Windowhad a classic and sophisticated look. She favored feminine dresses with tailored and unique tops, and calf-skimming skirts nipped to emphasize her waist. This chic fashion icon even got Hermes, one of the most influential brands, to rename one of its popular bags to “the Kelly”, after Miss Grace Kelly of course! Although Grace left the movie business at the age of 26 after marrying Prince Rainier III of Monaco, her movie star glam always remained.

4. Marilyn Monroe

When it comes to curvy beauties, Kim Kardashian has nothing on our next style icon. Marilyn Monroeis the definition of a vixen! Her sultry and sexy style matched her seductive looks and charm. This iconic trendsetter was known for her red lips, winged liner and perfectly done locks. It is rare to find a picture of her not wearing heels, even when playing baseball! She showed women that bathing suits should always be accessorized, you should always dress well when traveling, bad hair days can always be covered with stunning head scarfs and that next to your little black dress, every girl should own a little white dress!

3. Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie O is known for her legendary, ladylike poise and also for being the first lady while JFK was in office. She loved empire-waist gowns, classic heals and custom suits. Every designer saw it as an honor when this style icon wore one of their creations: Dior, Chanel and Givenchy were some of her favorite designers. Jackie O was also known for her accessories; she loved wearing pearls and big black-framed sunglasses. The first lady also had a casual style, especially when she moved to New York. She rocked wide-leg pants, and flowy blouses with incredibly beautiful Hermes scarfs perfectly wrapped around her head. Jackie’s style is both timeless and inspiring and she has influenced many designers, artists and fashion lovers with her clean and classic take on fashion.

2. Jane Birkin

Ever heard of the Hermes Birkin bag? Well, it was named after this next fashion icon. Jane Birkin was a British actress who captured her free-spirited, bohemian style through her micro shorts and slightly sheered blouses. Her approach to dressing was never overdone or ostentatious. A huge fan of turtlenecks, she also loved denim shorts and pea coats. She always had a tasteful amount of skin showing, not enough to take away from her natural beauty. When it came to jewelry she loved wearing an understated gold necklace. Birkin, like the bag that was named after her, is timeless and classic.

1. Anna Wintour

shutterstock_Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour‘s style is best described as consistent. Since she has worked in the fashion industry for the larger part of her life, she has always had access to incredible clothes and accessories. Anna has the fashion wisdom to avoid trends that will expire. Years ago she abandoned pants completely and adopted a signature silhouette: a knee length hemline (falling either above or below the knee), a nipped-in waist and a conservative neckline, which she usually accessorizes with a fabulous chunky necklace. She loves to pair colorful prints with cream Manolo sling backs (or an equally simple show). Anna Wintour is iconic and she is the reason for most fashion trends of our generation; her fabulous and clean-cut look is representative of her class and power.
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