11 Of The Wealthiest Celebrities With The Worst Style

11 Of The Wealthiest Celebrities With The Worst Style

11 Of The Wealthiest Celebrities With The Worst Style

One of the most frustrating things to witness is a rich celebrity with a poor sense of style. It’s a lot more common than it should be, despite all of the easily accessible stylists running rampant in Tinseltown. It’s painful enough to see stars have the most glamorous and expensive pieces thrown at them for free by luxury designers who need the exposure, but it’s quite obvious that many of them take their good fortune for granted, frequently captured out and about by paparazzi looking their absolute worst. Now, we all have the general off day when we just don’t feel like putting much effort into our appearance, but when you’re in the public eye with more than enough cash in the bank to last a lifetime or two, there simply aren’t enough excuses to look like you live in a cardboard box. We’re looking at you Mary-Kate Olsen.
Having a great sense of style really doesn’t require much. It’s all about sticking to what flatters your figure, complexion and features the most. Style is a very personal matter that can never truly be imitated but inspired. Granted fashion or style is an artistic means of self expression, some of these stars are better off keeping their opinions of self in their closets. All 11 of these stars can more than afford to pay a personal stylist for fashion advice, and likely are paying someone for “professional” fashion help, but it seems to be a waste of money because they clearly still can’t get it together. Here are 11 examples of celebrities who prove the saying, “money can’t buy style,” very true indeed.

11. Lindsay Lohan – $500,000

Party girl and trouble maker Lindsay Lohan was never much of a fashionista. Perhaps that’s why her clothing line (in collaboration with Ungaro) from a few years back, never really took off. It’s always rather bizarre when celebrities with zero fashion sense create a clothing line to capitalize off of their own name. They’re really better off endorsing another company’s product. In 2010, the opinionated Kanye West told Elle UK magazine that Lindsay’s collaboration with fashion house Ungaro was the “9/11 for celebrities doing fashion. ‘After that, I thought, Well, I can’t do a line now.’” It’s painful to think that Lindsay Lohan, who is now worth an estimated $500,000, leaves the house looking like the photograph above on a regular basis.

10. Aubrey O’Day – $4 million

Former Danity Kane member, Aubrey O’Day seems to always dress like she’s on a permanent spring break vacation. This isn’t exactly an uncommon thing to do if you live in a perpetually warm climate like California or sunny Florida. Oh, and if you’re a college student. The now 30 year old singer, who hasn’t done much singing lately, and instead has resigned herself to Instagram modelling, is worth an estimated $4 million. We can all agree that that’s more than enough to at least seek fashion advice, if not hire a personal stylist.

9. Cara Delevigne – $ 6 million

Rising supermodel Cara Delevigne has no excuse for her frequent fashion faux pas on her days off. The young woman is frequently caught by the paparazzi looking shamefully less than stylish, as seen above in an ensemble that makes her look like an escaped inmate. Cara hangs out with the likes of world renowned fashion designers, giving her very exclusive access to a world that most aspiring fashionistas could only dream of. Maybe Cara should be cut some slack; after all, it must get exhausting to have to be put together at all times while on the job, but still, is that a good enough excuse for a runway model worth $6 million to frequently be caught in public with a very lazy personal sense of style?

8. Shia Labeouf – $25 million

Clearly not one to put much effort in his appearance while out and about, Shia Labeouf is a very wealthy man with a poor sense of style. In the past, our expectation of male celebs have been low. They’re commonly able to avoid the same pressures of keeping up appearances as females naturally adhere to, but these days- what with more progressive male stars in touch with traits considered to be feminine, like Harry Styles, Kanye West and Adam Levine, all clearly taking pride in their appearance and public perception- there just aren’t any excuses left for male stars. The actor whose net worth is an estimated $25 million, does clean up well at red carpet events, in his defense. Possibly the work of a part-time stylist?

7. Nicki Minaj – $54 million

While recent times have depicted a more toned down version of Nicki Minaj (if you can call it that), the female rapper still lives on the edge of daring fashion choices. The hair and make-up may be toned down from her previously exaggerated and eccentric sense of style, reminiscent of a street walking clown, but it seems as though the animated hip hop artist has channeled her eccentricity in other ways. There’s a veryfine line between sexy and just plain sleezy, and to say that Ms. Minaj straddles it, is the understatement of the century. Nicki works hard to match her appearance with her extremely sexually provocative lyrics. The toned down make-up and hair are redeeming qualities in conjunction with a couple of hit ensembles on the red carpet, but more often than not, the successful rapper doesn’t put her $54 million net worth to good use fashion wise.

6. Miley Cyrus – $165 million

For a brief period after wrapping up her lead role on the Disney TV series Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus seemed to be growing up gracefully, with a fashion sense typical to 19-20 year olds. Suddenly by 2013 with the release of her Bangerz album, the 21 year old underwent a drastic fashion and lifestyle change, to the shock and amazement of loyal Miley Cyrus fans all over. The Wrecking Ball singer has maintained her current and most talked about hairstyle for 2 years now, the longest she’s gone without altering her hair. Miley has once been quoted as quoting her idol Dolly Parton, in response to being questioned on her style, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” She hit the nail on the head with the word cheap. The young woman is worth a staggering $165 million.

5. Mary-Kate Olsen – $150 million

Child star and twin, Mary-Kate Olsen is worth $150 million on her own and yet, you’d be hard pressed to identify the retired actress from a bag lady on the street. The one redeeming factor in Mary-Kate’s questionable style decisions are her very obviously pricey handbags. Each hobo inspired outfit is accentuated with an impressive designer handbag. Personal style aside (or lack there of), The Olsen twins are two of the first celebrities to build a billion dollar fashion empire, thanks in large part to their child star acting legacy.

4. Courtney Love – $150 million

Courtney Love inherited a massive fortune from late husband, Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, and is today worth $150 million. Courtney doesn’t exactly dress like someone who has a tremendous fortune stashed away, maintaining a grunge low maintenance look throughout her career. Now in her fifties, the former drug addict recently admitted to using heroine when she was pregnant with her only daughter,Frances Bean. Now all grown up, Frances’ own fashion style is quite similar to her rocker mother.

3. Justin Bieber – $200 million

Justin Bieber Makes An Interesting Fashion Statement
One of the richest and worst offenders on the list is surely pop sensation Justin Bieber. It’s hard to believe Selena Gomez (who has a more tasteful sense of style) could stand to be seen out in public with her ex beau. Imagine all of the chic attire you’d throw together if you had access to a $200 million fortune like Justin. With that mind boggling amount of cash at his disposal, the now 21 year old still manages to dress like a teenage “hipster.” Whether in purple leopard print skinny jeans, or awkward looking pants that sag at the crotch, Justin’s sense of style lacks any real style at all. Every now and then, the young crooner will make an impressive red carpet appearance which leads us to believe that more than one stylist may be involved here: one being an actual professional and the other his 17 year old ego.

2. Lady Gaga – $220 million

If nothing at all, you respect Lady Gaga for her consistency. The eccentric pop star is rarely photographed (if ever) in ordinary human attire and has managed to make history, wearing a dress made entirely out of meat to the 2010 MTV video music awards. In just eight quick passing years, the musical artist has accumulated a net worth of $220 million. It’s unlikely that any of Lady Gaga’s fashion choices have been the advice of a stylist, as her look is pure and blatant artistic expression. Still, performance costumes are fine for the stage and should be kept onstage, not worn about town terrorizing local townsfolk. The singer could use a small portion of that $220 million fortune to hire a stylist for “casual days.”

1. Britney Spears – $220 million

Another one of the worst and richest offenders on the list is Britney Spears. The pop queen has gone through tremendous ups and downs in the public eye throughout her long and thriving career. A look at candid paparazzi photos of Britney from 10 years ago makes you wonder what exactly went horribly wrong? With a net worth of $220 million, the pop star can more than afford an entire team of style advisers. Instead, it looks as though the beloved star listens to that tiny voice inside of her head, that most of us wisely ignore while we’re getting ready in the morning. That voice that whispers, “Bleep what anyone thinks. Let’s not bother showering today. Wear whatever you want. Bleep the paparazzi!”
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