10 Reasons The Apple Watch Gold Edition Is Pointless

10 Reasons The Apple Watch Gold Edition Is Pointless 

10 Reasons The Apple Watch Gold Edition Is Pointless

In a little less than a month, the Apple Watch will become available to the public. This newest offering from Apple, is boasted to be a new development in their “crusade” to make technology more personal. On their website, the company says that the watch “represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology. It’s the most personal product we’ve ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be worn.” They brag that they have engineered the new piece to be extremely accurate with regard to the time itself, and that the watch-face can be customized to the wearer’s exact preferences. The Apple Watch also presents new ways to communicate; including tapping sensations for notifications and new ways to interact with other Apple Watch owners. Possibly most impressive is the variation that consumers can expect.
The are also three subsets into which the different types of watches fall; the Watch Sport, the Watch and the Watch Edition. These are of course, the “sporty” one, the “normal” one and the one for people who like to make it rain in department stores. While the normal and sport designs will range from $350.00 to just over $1,000, there is of course the “Edition” which can cost up to $17,000. This type offers an 18 karat yellow or rose gold case.
It’s nice. In fact, the entire project looks nice, and the Apple Watch will make an obscene amount of money. It looks like a good product which will contribute to easier and more constant communication (for good or ill) along with some apps built in for exercise related functions. Finally, customization is a big asset in the Watch’s corner and it looks fairly sharp. Unfortunately however, there is no rational reason to splurge and spend over $10,000 on the gold “Edition”. In fact, we found ten reasons for why that’s a bad idea.

10. It’s Just Another Piece Of Tech

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Apple is bragging about this thing like every tech company boasts about anything it produces. Sure, it’s shiny, and has a few new interesting apps, but at the end of the day, the normal one will not make anyone’s life $350 more awesome and the “Edition” will not make anyone’s life $10,000 to $17,000 better. This isn’t news but there will be people lined up, possibly for miles, to buy this watch. Others may well incur significant debt to get the golden one, but at the end of the day, it’s just another screen that will contribute very little to anyone’s real happiness.

9. Think Of What Else $10,000 (plus) Can Buy

This is a roundabout way of saying that, from a practicality perspective, spending thousands of dollars on a watch is ridiculous. Obviously, there are those who disagree, as plenty of companies manufacture such expensive pieces, thus proving that looks and bragging rights outweigh basic practicality. But really, $10,000 is enough to buy a car, put a down payment on a decent home, or even a year (or two, depending on preferences and tastes) in groceries. Unless you make 10 grand per week (or day, or even month) which is a very small percent of the population, a watch like this is a ridiculous idea.

8. Durability Will Be A Concern

Gold is a malleable substance, meaning that as metals go, it is actually very soft. Sure, they say that their metal specialists have specially created this amazing unique alloy that makes it harder and less malleable. Seeing is believing and obviously, when someone questions the durability of their materials any company is going to issue a press release saying something to the effect of “our materials are top notch and anyone who doesn’t think so is silly and probably works for ISIS”. Proceed cautiously, dear consumer.

7. There’s Electronics Inside There…

One of the major draws to buying a watch for thousands of dollars is that usually such expensive brands will provide a product that will last for ages and maintain it’s aesthetic appeal. Electronics do not last, and after a couple of years, as is the case with smart phones and computers, the Apple Watch’s insides will start to malfunction and will eventually be useless. Then what? Well, you’ll be left with a nice, shiny piece that no longer functions. Buy another one. The Apple Watch 2 (or 3, or 4) will probably be out then anyways, and maybe it will be coated in platinum with diamonds and a machine gun attachment.

6. What Does The Edition Do That The Other Variants Won’t? 

Answer: it costs over ten times more and looks negligibly better.
The Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Watch Edition look essentially the same. The only real difference that the Edition brings to the table is expensive metal. That expensive, and unquestionably beautiful metal makes it cost well over ten times the price of a normal Apple Watch variant. The aluminum and stainless steel options also shine, and no matter what color they are, they look pretty good. Do the special 18 karat gold and sapphire crystal actually warrant spending 10-17 grand on a watch? If you think so, you may be spending too much time inside the Matrix. Either that or I’m an ignorant, classless, tasteless git. Discuss in the comments section.

5. Gold Watches: Out Of Style?

This is very subjective, but it goes hand in hand with number six; there are many people who consider gold watches to be “out” of style. Although, some others will say that gold never goes “out” of style. But overall, given the dichotomy that exists between these groups, wearing a gold watch may not sit well with some. Then again, perhaps people willing to spend over $10,000 on a watch aren’t concerned with what others really think of their stylistic choices. Again, a subjective point, but a point nonetheless.

4. The Apple Watch Itself Is Kind Of Pointless

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“Okay, so it’s a smart phone that you wear on your wrist?” said many people. The creators argue that it offers new ways to communicate, can help with fitness and so on, but realistically, anything it can do, an iPhone can already do. Oh, it has a new notification system for incoming messages??!! Hold the phone, call CNN! That was sarcasm.
This is another way for the (admittedly smart, because hundreds of millions of people will buy this product) thinkers at Apple to siphon another $350 – over $10,000 from the pockets of consumers. Will it revolutionize the watch? Yes. Does this need to happen? No. Consider everything the Apple Watch is boasted to do, individually, and you might just realize that the only unique feature to this product is that it is meant to be worn.

3. Purchasing An Apple Watch “Edition” Proves You’ll Buy Anything With A Half-Eaten Apple On It

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This should be pretty self explanatory, buying the Edition will prove to Apple that all they have to do to sell something is produce. People will flock to their distributors; drooling and doe-eyed to buy whatever item they dangle in front of the public next. For some sport, and of course a few extra bucks, they will encase a few in gold and those with the largest wallets will partake. In short, buying a gold Apple Watch is like buying any other product encased in gold; it shows an appreciation for shiny objects, but a troubling devotion to “having the newest thing” from Apple.

2. Despite Its Functionality, Watches Are A Fashion Statement

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It’s not unreasonable to say that making a watch crossed with a smart phone is missing the point of watches these days. Forgive a slight philosophical edge to this rant, but watches are worn more for their fashion application than for actually telling time. Having the ability to measure a heart rate or receive notifications and such is not what people use watches for now. This is by no means a universal truth, but watches are, above all, a fashion item, and while plenty of people are going to be drawn to the product, the Apple Watch is trying to be a fashion item, a phone and a watch all at once. It’s daring, but smashing electronics, a touch screen, and some gold together will not produce a product that will do everything it promises. “Apple” as a product name, is a reliable and trendy electronics company right now, but as a watch maker, they have yet to prove themselves.

1. It Can’t Rival Other $10,000 Watches For Fashion Purposes

Apple Watch Gold pointless
This goes hand in hand with point number two. There are plenty of thousand dollar plus watches out there, and while the Apple Watch Edition is nice, it can’t really compare to those. Yes, it has a pile of electronics and will look nice on the wrist, but if you’re looking for a ten thousand dollar watch, and want a beautiful, iconic fashion statement on your wrist, Rolex and dozens of other watch manufacturers have you covered and can provide a more beautiful product that will be significantly nicer and will likely possess longer functionality.
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