The World’s 10 Most Improved Cities to Visit in 2015

The World’s 10 Most Improved Cities to Visit in 2015

The World’s 10 Most Improved Cities to Visit in 2015

Traveling is an incredible activity that is so important for so many people. No matter the destination, each individual trip is unique to the traveller. People see different things, share different experiences and find peace in different aspects of their voyage. With numerous horrible things going on in our world, it’s nice to be able to travel somewhere that stays true to their history while also embracing this day and age.
Traveling is amazing for so many reasons. It’s a way to learn, experience and grow as a human being, and its purpose varies from person to person. It provides so many benefits and there are so many incredible places in the world to see. There’s something special about exploring different places. Whether it’s alone, with friends or with a loved one, traveling is the best kind of education.
Historically speaking, there are so many important places one could choose to visit. However, 2015 is a new start for many cities. With additions, and revamping of the next 10 cities, this article provides you with an outline of the best places to visit this year. There are so many incredible places in the world that have amazing things going on constantly. The following ten cities are not only underrated, but they are up and coming vacation spots that have erupted in 2015. The following ten cities have a mix of everything. Some are known for their beautiful beaches, others for their outstanding food. Depending on what kind of trip you are looking for, the next ten hotspots are guaranteed to satisfy that travel urge.

10. Havana, Cuba

Cuba, known for so long to Americans as the “Forbidden Island”, is a tropical oasis that was largely off limits to Americans for so long. However, with recent political changes, there has been progress made between the United States of America and Cuba. This underdeveloped island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With clear waters and silky sand, Cuba was never really a travel option for Americans, however Canadians have been taking advantage of the island’s beauty for years. This year is a great year to visit Cuba before it becomes “Americanized”. There is a ton of history in Havana and impeccable beaches all around the Island. Cuba is a definite go-to travel destination in 2015.

9. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is arguably one of the most underrated cities in the world. Known for its incredible restaurants, hot nightlife, abundance of beautiful women and of course being home to the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, Montreal is really somewhere to check out. This cultured and beautiful city has countless things to do all throughout the year. In the cold of winter, locals participate in sporting activities such as skiing, skating and tobogganing. Igloofest is also very popular in the city, the outdoor concert is known for its outstanding DJs and extra strong drinks. Snow or shine, Montrealers know how to party. Clubs are still busy in winter and with countless bars around the city it’s easy to stay warm. As beautiful as Montreal is in the winter, it’s even more breathtaking in the summer. The Montreal Grand Prix, Osheaga, Warped Tour, Just for Laughs and Jazz Festival are just a few of the amazing things that go on throughout the summer in Montreal.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

shutterstock_New Orleans
2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the horrific hurricane that hit this incredible city. This year New Orleans wants to show the world how far they have come, both as a city and as a community. The city wants to commemorate the victims of Hurricane Katrina through the rebirth of New Orleans. With countless shows, concerts, art exhibitions, New Orleans wants to make visitors feel at home and feel the love each local has for their city. It’s truly amazing how this place has bounced back after such a horrible disaster which took place a relatively short time ago.

7. Milan, Italy

Italy in general is a great place to travel to, but in 2015 the place to see in Italy is Milan. 20 million visitors are expected to visit this incredible city for the Expo. The Expo is a mammoth event that runs from May until October. It involves over 130 participating nations and focuses on food, nutrition and sustainability practices. The Expo overlaps with the completion of numerous urban renewal projects, bringing back to life once remarkable locations such as La Darsena, a once run-down harbor. Numerous historical attractions have been revamped and restored giving Milan a new edge for 2015 travellers.

6. Danang, Vietnam

Danang, located on the central coast of Vietnam, has been the place travelers pass through in order to get to historic Hoi An. However, Danang has earned its place as a legitimate travel destination for 2015. This city of almost a million people created an airport expansion in 2011, and shortly after that resorts began popping up all along the coast. Danang’s charm and incredible food is something that everyone should experience. With direct flights from Hong Kong, Danang is fairly easy to access. The unique and newly developed hotels allow tourists to experience a cultured and exciting vacation worthy of a 2015 trip.

5. St. Kitts, West Indies

shutterstock_St. Kitts
St. Kitts is a small island known for its incredible music festivals. With countless performances by artists ranging from Nas to Micheal Bolton, St. Kitts is a beautiful place offered by the world. Recently, two landmark hotel developments have started to turn this unpretentious paradise into the hottest new vacation spot. The new additions include a new mega-yacht marina, stunning golf courses and trendy clubs. St. Kitts is now home to the Caribbean’s first Park Hyatt. With lavish resorts, incredible amenities, beautiful beaches, kind people and legendary music festivals, there is no reason to not visit St. Kitts…if you can afford it, of course!

4. Durban, South Africa

Not many people who have been to Durban can say anything bad about it. The beach is beautiful, the weather is consistent all year round and the people are kind. However, to our surprise Durban has the reputation of being slightly tasteless. The reinvention of the Rivertown was the beginning of big changes for this city, and it didn’t end there. The beloved but “passé” Durban beachfront is getting a much-needed facelift. This charming strip has added numerous restaurants to the mix. Durban has a large Indian population, which makes for a ton of delicious Indian restaurants. This city is a great travel option, especially this year.

3. Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, which is located in Colombia, has been getting a lot of positive attention lately. Many throughout the world have recognized Medellin’s recent efforts towards an urban renewal. The once notorious slums have been transformed into stunning architectural creations. New editions to the city are the Biblioteca Espana, a beautiful, modern public library and community center. This establishment is located in Santo Domingo, a low-income neighborhood. They have also added new schools and parks throughout the city as well as a contemporary expansion to the Museo de Arte Moderno. With new editions to the city and efforts to clean up the “slums”, Medellin is a great place to travel to in 2015.

2. Adelaide, South Australia

As many people know, Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. It is known for both its incredible wines and phenomenal beaches. Besides tanning and drinking fabulous wine, there are many more reasons to check out this city. The more recent art scene has been getting a lot of attention this year for their incredible festivals such as WOMADelaide, Adelaide Festival, SALA and of course the Adelaide Film Festival. Not only are the festivals amazing, but the food is also. Incredible local ingredients can be found in many markets and restaurants, and there are countless bars and numerous exhibitions and movie screenings as well as the Samstag Museum. Adelaide is truly a city that has it all and this year would be the perfect year to check it out!

1. Caceres, Spain

This stunning and cultured city is a food lover’s dream. Gastronomes from around the world are fleeing to Caceres, which was once a walled city. This historic location is the perfect place for a history buff as well. With a mix of Gothic, Moorish, Roman and Renaissance architecture, the beauty surrounding the city is undeniable. However, the buzz in 2015 is truly about the art and the food. The opening of Atrio, an incredibly modern hotel and restaurant, is claimed to have one of the most outstanding wine cellars in Europe. Since its opening, local restaurants and cafés have stepped up their game, creating stunning dishes while collaborating with local artists. If you are travelling through Europe in 2015, make sure you put this
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