Top 10 Youngest Female Billionaires In The World

Top 10 Youngest Female Billionaires In The World

Top 10 Youngest Female Billionaires In The World

Once upon a time, having a million dollars got you far in life. An elite few could say that they had over 6 digits; fast forward to today and being a billionaire is the new millionaire. Currently, the world is home to 1,826 of the lucky few, including 290 new billionaires within the last year, which 42 of them are women. Between the lot of them, their total net worth works out to about $7.05 trillion!
Thanks to the oil industry, John D. Rockefeller became the first confirmed billionaire in the United States in 1916. Bill Gates, Carlos Slim Helu, Warren Buffett and Amancio Ortega take the top 4 spots as the richest people on the planet at the moment.
As of March 2015, women broke past records, as the world consists of 197 female billionaires, which is up from 2014 with 172. Topping the list of the wealthiest women are Oprah, Laurene Powell Jobs, Spanx creator Sara Blakely and Tory Burch. Out of the 1,826 total billionaires, 46 of those men and women are under the age of 40. Dustin Moskovitz is the world’s richest male billionaire at a cool $8.6 billion. Come with us and take a look at some of the youngest female billionaires!

10. 52 years old- Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, $8.7 Billion
After a long battle with leukemia, Margarita’s husband Robert passed away in 2009, leaving her to take over the French commodities giant, Louis-Dreyfus. As chairman, she sold the company’s energy trading business in 2012. This move mixed up management and increased her personal stake. The company has been trying to find a new CEO since April 2014, and deals were underway with Mayo Schmidt, former head of Viterra, but fell through this past December. The Russian-born “tsarina”, as the French press call her, owns the soccer giant Olympique Marseille. It has been reported that in 2014, she outbid offers from Saudi Prince Alwaleed.

9. 51 years old- Laurene Powell Jobs, $20.4 Billion
The wife of the late Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs, is making a name of her own. With a Bachelor of Arts & Science from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School and a Masters of Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business, she makes waves as a social and political influence. She is one of the largest donors to the super PAC Ready for Hillary and regularly speaks on Capitol Hill about ways to provide citizenship for children of illegal immigrants. The Emerson Collective was founded by Laurene, which she is also a chair member of. Emerson uses entrepreneurship to help under-resourced students and advance social reform, as well as College Track, a nonprofit college completion program. Along with President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” program, other partners announced that in July 2014, a $50 million commitment to create better high school programs in certain school districts would be launched. Laurene Powell Jobs Trust also holds a 7.7% piece of Disney, as the largest individual shareholder.

8. 41 years old- Lee Seo-Hyun, $1.3 Billion

via:www.blulana.comin her mother, Lee Kun-Hee’s corporate footsteps as Samsung Chairman, Lee is president of Cheil Industries. Cheil Industries started out in 1945, as a textile manufacturer, and eventually expanded into the fashion business and chemicals. The Italian leather brand, Colombo via della Spiga, was bought by Cheil in 2011. Cheil merged with Samsung SDI and Samsung Everland, the family’s de facto holding company before going public in 2014. Together they are the leading producer of energy-storage solutions, such as specialty materials for the manufacturing of TVs and smartphones, as well as batteries for consumer electronics and automobiles. The company also manages and owns multiple theme parks and resorts, and different business and hospitality services.

7. 41 years old- Ana Lucia de Mattos Barretto Villela, $3.6 Billion
Ana Lucia’s great-grandfather founded one of Brazil’s biggest banks, Itau, which in 2008 merged with Unibanco to form Itau-Unibanco, the largest non-state bank in Latin America. Although Ana Lucia keeps a low profile, she is the youngest female billionaire in Brazil. Her grandfather started a publicly-traded company, Duratex, which produces bathroom fixtures and wood paneling. Ana Lucia also owns a stake within the company. Between her and her brother, Alfredo, they lend their support to the non-profit organization Alana Institute, that works to promote culture, social work and education. In 1982, when Ana Lucia was only 8 years old, she lost both her parents in a plane crash. Her siblings and her were raised by their Aunt Maria de Lourdes, who is also a billionaire.

6. 39 years old- Serra Sabanci, $1.1 Billion
As board member and shareholder of Sabanci Holdings, Turkey’s largest industrial and financial conglomerate, Serra Sabanci is one of the world’s youngest billionaires and the 28th richest person in Turkey. She graduated from the University of Portsmouth and with honors from the Department of Economics of İstanbul Bilgi University. Serra also sits on the board of the family’s philanthropic Sabanci Foundation. She follows in her father’s footsteps as part of Sabanci Holdings. Her father, Ozdemir Sabanci, was gunned down in the heavily guarded office buildings by the leftist group DHKP-C, who hired assassins to carry out the murder in 1996.

5. 38 years old- Yvonne Bauer, $2.4 Billion
A company steeped in history, Bauer Media owns around 50 radio and TV stations, 400 digital products and 600 magazines throughout the world. Bauer Media can be traced back to 1875, from a business card print shop in Hamburg started by lithographer Ludolph Bauer. Yvonne is a fifth generation family member to run Bauer Media, but she didn’t just get handed a position. After studying German philology at the University of Bamberg, she went on to the publishing house Hoffmann and Campe, as an apprentice. In 2005, she joined Bauer Media and took over in 2010 after her father Heinz Bauer, transferred 85% of the company to her. Yvonne’s three older sisters each own a 5% stake each, and her father is a general partner.

4. 34 years old- Marie Besnier Beauvalot, $2.5 Billion

Who knew cheese could make you so much money? Marie Besnier Beauvalot inherited French dairy company Lactalis, along with her siblings Emmanuel and Jean-Michel. The three siblings own 100% of the company made popular by their President brie, and a selection of hundreds of types of cheese, yogurt and milk products. The company was started by their grandfather in the 1930s. Their competition, Italian milk manufacturer Parmalat, filed for bankruptcy in 2003, which resulted with the founder in jail. The siblings rescued the failing company through a holdings group in 2001. Marie and her siblings own 84% of Parmalat through the holding company.

3. 33 years old -Yang Huiyan, $4.7 Billion
After her father, Yeung Kwok Keung transferred his holding of the company he founded,  Country Garden Holdings, to her in 2007, Yang Huiyan became one of the world’s youngest billionaires and richest women in China. She sits on the board’s governance committee and is vice chairman of Country Garden. The real estate developer broke into the Australian market in 2014, buying a $65 million site in Sydney. The same year, they sold new shares raising $410 million. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and logistics from Ohio State University. In 2008, she was also awarded the “China Charity Award Special Contribution Award”.

2. 31 years old- Elizabeth Holmes, $4.6 Billion

With the title of the youngest self-made billionaire, Elizabeth Homes is going places. She dropped out of Stanford University during her sophomore year to start Theranos, a blood testing company with the money that she had originally intended to use towards her education. The company, valued at $9 billion, tests blood with a drop from a painless prick at a small cost of the commercial labs. Elizabeth raised $400 million from venture capitalists, which created the $9 billion value. She has a 50% stake in the company, bringing her net worth to a current $4.6 billion. The largest pharmacy chain in the United States, Walgreens, announced in 2013 that they would be placing Theranos in their 8,100 stores.

1. 24 years old – Perenna Kei, $1.3 Billion
Receiving a Bachelor’s degree from the University of London in economics and finance, helped out Perenna with her holding of an 85% in Logan Property Holdings through multiple companies in the Cayman Islands and Guernsey, and a family trust. Logan Property sells mid to high-end properties in Shenzhen. Having such a large stake makes her the world’s youngest billionaire, surpassing Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz. Her father, Ji Haipeng, put Perenna as heir to his assets, but as CEO and chairman he still primarily controls the company. She was once known by the name “Ji Peili”, Perenna is a non-executive director at the company.
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