15 Things To Do In Your 20s That Will Make Your 30s Even Better

15 Things To Do In Your 20s That Will Make Your 30s Even Better

15 Things To Do In Your 20s That Will Make Your 30s Even Better

Your twenties are an interesting and amazing ten years. You go from being a teenager to being a young adult, and then by thirty you are expected to have your life together. During your twenties you will educate yourself, date many people and learn a lot about both life around you and yourself. People in their twenties often freak out when they think about their thirties. Even though they panic about turning the big three-oh, there are so many things a lot of us don’t do in order to make turning thirty a little less scary. The following fifteen pieces of advice are for all those in their twenties; these ten years are important and there are a lot of things you can do to affect your future in a positive way. There are some things that are expected to be done and others are just pieces of advice which are proven to be helpful.
Everyone at every age has the same goal and that is happiness. People from around the world search for happiness and many of these steps allow you to find happiness when turning over into your thirties. These next fifteen things to do in your twenties are guaranteed to have an influence on the person you will be in your thirties.

15. Work Out Regularly

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By the time you reach your twenties, working out is not only about losing weight, it’s about being healthy. If you get into the habit of regularly working out in your twenties, it will carry on into your thirties and so on. Working out is extremely important for numerous health reasons and it has been proven that people who live an active lifestyle lead a healthier life, which is obviously beneficial. Working out also reduces stress and increases happiness; it is also a great way of improving your confidence. Trust me, the “you” at age 35 will thank you.

14. Drink A LOT of Water

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It is crazy to think that water is the second most popular drink in the United States of America, right after soda. Drinking water is one of the easiest and most effective ways of leading a healthier lifestyle. Since approximately 60% of the human body consists of water, drinking a lot of water helps maintain the fluid balance through the body. This helps transport nutrients throughout the body as well as digesting food. Water helps with much more as well; it has been proven to prevent the risk of pimples and even help with kidney function. Water is awesome and everyone should be drinking as much water as they can!

13. Be Nice to Co-Workers and Classmates

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As annoying as some classmates and co-workers can be, there is a certain level of respect you should always show them. Being nice goes a long way and it can work out to your benefit. Classmates who are nice to one another are more likely to share notes and co-workers who are nice to each other are more likely to work in a happier environment. However, the reason why it is so important to be nice to your co-workers and classmates and pretty much anyone is because you never know who can be hiring you one day and you don’t want your boss to hate you before you even start working.

12. Don’t Freak Out About Finding A Significant Other

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Many people (women especially), get freaked out if they are single in their mid-twenties. Do not rush into a relationship, your twenties are a time to think about yourself, and be a little selfish, so if you don’t find that perfect someone don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy being single, enjoy your friends, family, activities and freedom because once you settle down your life revolves around someone else, which is not always beneficial. Those who keep their independence throughout their twenties (even if they have a boyfriend) are more likely to be happier in their thirties. This is the time to get to know yourself, don’t let anyone stand in the way of that.

11. Read

Reading is one of the most incredible forms of brain exercise and it is awesome. Reading provides knowledge and mental stimulation and has been proven to reduce stress. Reading is also known to help with improving your memory and expanding your vocabulary. Many people in today’s society forget to read because videos are so accessible to them. You don’t even have to read a book, you must simply make an effort to read everyday and if you are ever looking for amazing content, we at The Richest are always coming up with new and exciting things to read and help you expand your knowledge.

10. Take Risks

Your twenties are the time in your life where taking risks is not stupid. Taking risks at a young age is what made Mark Zuckerberg become so successful. Taking risks in your twenties can often lead to a monetary loss, however it is a learning experience that will be part of your journey through life. Everybody who has ever been extremely successful will tell you to take risks, do something that scares you because that is usually where greatness lies. Taking risks young is the best way of learning. Sometimes being safe is not the right answer, so take a risk and do something out of the ordinary, it could lead you to your dreams.

9. Travel

Traveling is one of the most incredible things anyone can experience. Traveling is a great way of learning about the world around you as well as learning about yourself. There is nothing more humbling than seeing the world and meeting people who come from all different walks of life. Travel as much as you can before you settle down and have children. Travel at any chance you can get because there is truly no better education. There is something so moving about being amongst people who are so different from you in a place that is so far from home and being able to find common ground. Travel as much as you can in your twenties because you never know where you will be in your thirties.

8. Wear Sunscreen

Everyone knows that sunscreen shields your skin from harmful UV rays but even knowing this doesn’t motivate everyone to use it. What a lot of people don’t know is that wearing sunscreen has a lot of benefits, including lowering risk of skin cancer and the prevention of premature aging. However, if that is not enough to get you to start wearing it, maybe this will be, sunscreen also actually enhances the health of your skin. Although sunscreen may force you to take longer to get a tan, you will be protected which will show in your skin in your thirties.

7. Keep in Touch With Old Friends

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Old friends are amazing because they know a side of you that many people will never understand. There is a point in every twenty-something-year-old’s life when they begin to get busier and have less time to spend with their friends. This is what causes many friendships to end, however keeping in touch with friends, especially the ones you have had forever, is something that is very important. Once you reach your thirties, you begin to see how valuable certain friendships are and you will be happy you stayed in touch throughout your twenties. Old friends are the best way of remembering your past and letting it live on through your present.

6. Learn How to Cook

Everyone twenty-some-year-old should learn how to cook because if you don’t do it now you most probably won’t ever do it. Cooking does not mean buying something that is pre-made and heating it up. Cooking means knowing how to clean a chicken and cook it. There is no excuse for not knowing how to cook, it is a skill that everyone is able to develop. However, the older you get, the harder it is to grasp. Cook as much as you can in your twenties and pay attention to the people around you who do cook. There are countless easy recipes you can find online, so start with the basics and work your way up…you will thank yourself later.

5. Stay Close to Family

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Staying close to family is so important. Many people move away from home in their twenties and slowly begin to drift apart from family members. There is something special about being someone’s family and the older you get the more you realize how important having a relationship with those in your family is. Although there are sometimes challenges in the way, try and keep your family ties strong. In today’s society, many people lose sight of what is important and who is important. Your family are often times the people who are the most honest with you and who know you the best, don’t ever push that kind of love and closeness away.

4. Wash Your Face

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Washing and cleansing your face is very important and is something that everyone in their twenties, boys and girls should start doing (if they aren’t already doing it). A lot of research has shown that cleansing your face before bed is essential when it comes to looking younger. Cleansing prevents skin dehydration and oil production which helps make your skin healthier. By the time many of us hit our thirties, there is a noticeable change in your skin. In order to stay looking as young as possible, take care of your skin as best as you can or by the time you are in your mid-thirties you will look forty.

3. Floss

Your dentist has been telling you this for years, flossing is probably the best thing you can do for your teeth. Flossing is important because it cleans out the little gaps between your teeth. These gaps are oftentimes covered in plaque, which leads to cavities, gum disease and tooth decay. Leaving gum illness untreated can surprisingly be a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. Everyone should floss at least once a day in order to ensure that there is nothing stuck in between two teeth. By flossing in your twenties, there is less likely of infection of some sort in your thirties.

2. Start Saving

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Although it is important to live your life one step at a time, helping secure your future is never a bad idea. A friend of mine put away ten dollars from every paycheck and birthday check they had ever received. By the time my friend reached his thirties he had enough money saved to buy himself a house and his girlfriend a beautiful engagement ring. Although my friend had been saving his entire life, that doesn’t mean it is too late to begin. Everyone should be saving some part of the money they make throughout their twenties to have less stress when they enter their thirties.

1. Quit Smoking

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Smoking is a nasty habit many picked up during their younger years and one they continue with throughout their twenties. Smoking is one of the most idiotic things anyone can do. Not only is it bad for your health it is bad for your looks. Smoking makes you age faster and discolors your teeth. By quitting in your twenties you are minimizing the risk of all the negative effects cigarettes have to offer. There are so many negatives which surround cigarettes that it is crazy so many people still smoke. Kick the habit in your twenties and live a healthy smoke-free life in your thirties – although it may be hard it is very worth it
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